Foster Application Prenotes:

Pit Bulls are very loving animals that require an enormous amount of love, time and energy. They are very hard to re-home when they reach adulthood.

Only One in Six-Hundred are Adopted. Which Leaves Five Hundred Ninety-Nine that are Euthanized!

I love each and every one of my foster dogs like my own. They live in my home and become part of my family. When they leave, I expect them to become a part of your family and not be returned a year later an unsocialized, untrained, unadoptable dog. I ask that you think about this carefully before making a decision. If, after adopting, you find this dog is not for you, they are to be returned to me early enough where no damage is done; I understand that things do happen in one’s life and I will always take the dog back into my home. This is a lifelong commitment. I have worked very hard making them true ambassadors of the breed and expect you to do the same.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete the Pre-Adoption Application Form.

You will be contacted shortly to acknowledge the receipt of your application and to discuss further steps in the adoption process. Please be aware that we are all volunteers and work full-time, but will endeavor to respond to you as soon as possible. Once your Pre-Adoption Application has been approved you will be contacted to arrange a home visit. The home visit will assess the safety and suitability of the environment for the pet. The home visit is also the opportunity to see if the pet will be a good fit for your family and any existing pets.

Please be aware that Pitties and Purrs Rescue Inc. reserve the right to deny an application at any stage of the process without explanation.